OMNIFACE, Inc. is about relationships. We help businesses relate to other businesses, markets and customers. We build relationships that build bottom lines via our international marketing consulting practice, multicultural marketing programs, and telecom related offerings.

In our Marketing Consultant business, OMNIFACE helps businesses grow and expand locally, regionally, nationally or globally through marketing, sales and business development initiatives. Our Multicultural Marketing subsidiary helps businesses relate specifically to ethnic markets through professional, brand managed, in-culture, in-language channel programs. Our Telecom Division focuses on services, software and hardware primarily for the telecommunications industry, with specialization in the international markets.

Marketing Consulting

Value: We will deliver plans, strategies, alliances, channels, programs or execution to generate revenues in new or existing markets.

Through our multicultural, multilingual, and multi-disciplined base of knowledge, OMNIFACE helps businesses via:

  • Better interfaces - Ensure strong strategic relationships, efficient channels of distribution, effective sales and marketing organizations
  • Better interconnections - Establish clear understanding of new marketplaces, relevant products and services, and customized marketing programs
  • Better bridges - Guarantee clear communications, smooth negotiations, satisfied and loyal communities
Multicultural Marketing

Value: We will deliver results oriented, one-stop development and implementation of grassroots sales and marketing strategies, and the coordination of event/sponsorship marketing programs targeted at multicultural markets in the U.S.

  • The Hispanic and African-American markets are the two largest ethnic markets in the U.S.
  • The Asian market is the fastest growing and has the highest median household income

OMNIFACE can help companies tap into these markets for their products or services. Solid tactical executions of sales/marketing programs in B2B and B2C environments and logistical coordination of event marketing activities nationwide can be fronted with creative marketing and public relations programs.


Value: We will deliver profitable route opportunities, revenue generating and cost cutting software solutions for carriers and service providers. We will also deliver economical hardware alternatives for service providers or enterprises.

OMNIFACE works with buyers and sellers of telecommunications services and products to:

  • Discover or develop high quality, cost efficient route opportunities for international terminations using Voice-over-IP (VoIP) technologies to supply the wholesale carrier services marketplace
  • Align cost effective telephony and IP services to the needs of enterprise, net-centric and service provider clients
  • Market independent software vendors' product offerings targeted at service providers and carriers
  • Source telecom and network equipment and efficiently deal with surplus situations

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